Cooper Music Superstore since 1906

We have represented many manufacturers over our 102 year history.

Here is a partial list: Baldwin, Mason & Hamlin, Petrof, Nordiska, Weber, Sohmer, Bergmann, Young Chang, Pramberger, Hamilton, Knabe, Chickering, Kimball, Conover, Cable, Sejung, GEM, General Music, Suzuki, Bosendorfer, Knabe, Hallet Davis, Ivers & Pond, Henry F Miller, Vose & Sons, G. Steck, Kohler & Campbell, Samick, Hazelton, Estonia, Grotrian, Seiler, Schimmel, Charles R. Walter, Everett, Falcone, Gulbransen, Hardman, Hobart M. Cable, Howard, Irmler, Kawai, Kemble, A. B. Chase, Pearl River, Steinway and Sons, Story and Clark, Weinbach, Wurlitzer, Wyman and Yamaha.

Thank you for choosing Cooper Music. In business since 1906 we place our emphasis on our customers. Not only in their musical satisfaction, for those who are looking for the best pianos and organs available anywhere in the Atlanta area but for those interested in learning how to play a piano, grand piano or organ for the first time. We offer a unique program called Music and Wellness. Located in Roswell and Northeast Atlanta, Georgia we offer seniors a special place to meet new people all of whom have a special love of piano and organ music. It is never too late to meet new friends, learn to play or fulfill that dream you've always had to play a Lowrey organ, Steinway, Baldwin or Yamaha Piano.

We offer piano and organ classes for everyone. So whether you are a budding musician or an accomplished player, we are sure at Cooper Music you will find a piano to suit your needs. Our Piano and organ restoration is second to none. Cooper's Restorative Art has been acclaimed by the most select names in the musical world. Cooper Music is the Southeast's largest piano restorer.

If you are planning a move, in or around the Atlanta area and worry about your prized antique piano, give us a call. We move all brands of pianos and organs professionally and carefully. We are fully insured and our delivery professionals are the best in the business! (Cooper can assist you with your long distance moves as well.)

At Cooper Music, we rent a variety of pianos for special events including Concert Grands, Baby Grands, Digital Pianos, Uprights and Hammond B3's. We can also accommodate your parties, weddings, concerts, and revivals, in venues from your home to churches to the Phillips Arena. And if you are in the need of a pianist, we will handle that as well.

People always want the best for their children. The Cooper residential Rental Program is ideal for parents to give their children a chance to play the piano or organ to see if they enjoy it before making a major investment.

We also offer our customers free in-home piano tuning as well as in-home concerts for that special dinner party or gathering. So give us a call. Blake, Jolie or any one of our exceptional staff can assist you with whatever your musical need happens to be. We are located in northeast Atlanta so if you live in Georgia, we are your choice for your piano and organ needs.


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